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The four most important things in life

What do we need in order to be truly happy in life? If we leave out money (we’ll talk about money next time), what is really important?

Jakub Trpiš
Author of The Choice

1. A job

We all need self-realization. We don’t necessarily have to speak about the concept of job as we all know it. You can or you don’t have to be paid for it (if you have some other substantial income). However, it is an activity which you do for the better part of the day and you should always aspire to be perfect in it. Ideally, you will use your natural talent and get paid for it. In other words, do what you love. If you love it, you will get better day by day and eventually become a true professional. If you have a job you don’t like, approach it as an interchange on your way to something better. The goal should be a fulfilling job.

2. Partner

Apart from a small percentage of people who are happy to live without a relationship, people are made to live in couples. Your partner should complement you and you should complement your partner. The leader of the relationship should be the one who’s the mentally stronger in that particular time. Such thing should naturally change. Of-course there isn’t an ideal partner so you will always struggle even a bit. On top of that, people evolve while in a relationship. Try to accept the “new self” of your partner. Love your partner for what he/she truly is.

The idea of a lifelong relationship is beautiful but the truth is that such thing is very rare. But who knows, it might be you … For the rest of us – if our partner wants to go away, we should accept it. It also works the other way around. If your relationship doesn’t fulfil you anymore, leave. The more free you feel in a relationship, the more fulfilling the relationship will be.

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3. Friends and family

Some people cherish family more, while other people cherish friends more. It doesn’t matter how we call these people. They are all our close ones. We spent a lot of time with them and they affect us in many different ways. You want to know where you’ll most likely find yourself in 5 years, take a look at your 5 closest ones. Besides our partner, these people know us better than anybody else. Sometimes, they might know us better than we even know ourselves. They know how to cheer us up when we need to, or point us to the right direction. As they say: “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

4. Health

As they say: “A healthy person has thousand wishes, but a sick person has only one.” Take care of your body. Exercise. Not only it’s a great prevention against being sick, but it also revitalizes your mind.

The four pillars of a happy life

In practice, you need to focus on all 4 of the above. You should never rely solely on your partner. If you split up, you’ll end up with nothing. Your friends will help you with your relationship problems and give a helping hand if things go wrong at work. When fully committed to your job, you don’t have time to think about relationship problems. It also works visa-versa. Missing your partner too much will negatively affect the relationship with your friends and work won’t make you happy. If you have no partner and no friends, you are in for a big trouble.

That’s why it is truly important to focus on all 4 pillars. You have no idea how much it can pay off one day. Generally speaking, only prospering in all 4 aspects (pillars) will make you truly happy. Build firm bases that can help you through thick and thin.

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