Interview with Jakub Trpiš

How did the Czech bestseller The Choice come about? Does the author write something new? Find more at this interview with Jakub Trpiš.

Four most important things in life

What do we need in order to be truly happy in life? If we leave out money (we’ll talk about money next time), what is really important? What are the four most important things in life?

The way to a perfect relationship

Despite the fact that hundreds of books were written about two people living together, how many couples can actually say that they are completely happy? Does a perfect relationship even exist? The most important thing is to completely forget about the things your parents told you and stop copying other couples.

Addiction to another person

We can completely stop growing as a person when we fall in love with the wrong one. We have to face the same problems as any other addicted person. Maybe even worse, as being addicted to another person is generally not discussed sufficiently. How to deal with addiction to another person?

It’s not our successes that help us to grow

If you have ever heard of me you’ve probably got the impression I’m a successful writer living out my dream. Now and then I hear that no way have I been able to achieve this honestly or that some millionaire is paying for my books to be published. This is actually my fault.