The Choice Translated by Melvyn Clarke

All you need to know about how to achieve a happy, fulfilling life is inside this book. It can change both your life and society as a whole. Read this story with its thrilling finale!

Copies sold to date 20,000

Since July 2019 The Choice has constantly been among the 3000 best-selling books at Amazon UK.

Thrilling story

The Choice has already helped tens of thousands of people regain hope and control of their lives. You will think that you are the main character in this story and in the end you will actually find that you were! The book is full of spiritual lessons which can change your life forever. Discover power hidden within yourself; learn how to reconnect with your soul and finally become the person you always wanted to be.

Tomáš is a young man in the prime of life. Though he appears to lack nothing, he is becoming increasingly depressed. At work things are going from bad to worse, and he gives up his vain efforts to revive his relationship with Eliška, his wife. As if that weren’t enough he is haunted by post-apocalyptical dreams of despair. His depressive state does not lift until he gets to know the eccentric therapist Kohl, who shows him how to be a better, happier person.

That is just the start of Tomáš’s story, which ends in a thrilling finale.

Highly topical

Strong emotions

Profound ideas

The Choice is simply amazing. I literally read it in one breath and I can’t recommend it enough… It perfectly describes the world we live in, and you will be surprised how much it will draw you in.

  • How can we live a happy and fulfilled life?
  • Why have we stopped listening to each other?
  • Will the current situation continue getting worse?
  • How much time do we have left?
  • Can one person change the world?

About the book

  • Combines elements of spiritual literature, science fiction, detective stories and love stories.
  • Summarizes all the essentials of personal development literature.
  • Describes the life of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.
  • Shows the outcome of the current situation, if humanity does not change.
  • The plot offers a strong message that can change the lives of individuals and indeed society as a whole.
  • The novel has been rendered into English by experienced translator Melvyn Clarke

Book preview

I never give a five-star rating, but this book is different. It left me with a strange feeling about the perfection of the world and the beauty of each individual, but at the same time it left a scary feeling that a second is enough to destroy it all… I can’t stop thinking about the whole story… Amazing.

Interview with the author

"We shouldn’t allow society to tell us how to live. Expanding our consciousness is the key to harmony,” says writer Jakub Trpiš

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Jakub Trpiš
Author of The Choice

6 and 1 book reviews

Every choice has its impact

Read it because it will be the best you've ever read or because it will change your life, but also because it can show you that you don’t have to live a life that doesn’t suit you. That even one person can influence the lives of others.

Book Blog

It's your choice. Everybody should read this

The Choice carries a clear message, and RIGHT NOW it is the best time for each of us to discover and fulfill this message. It's up to each of us whether we do it.

Between us
Magazine for young people

Therapist Kohl, I have never seen a bigger crank in any story

If you are through a rough time, you might be interested in this book. It has it all - makes you laugh, keeps you in suspense, motivates you and it’s dramatic.

Comfort zone
Book Blog

As if the book had already surpassed itself and came to life

The Choice can’t be read as a linear story; it’s psychological input, or a kind of rather unobtrusive aid to understand inner processes, interpersonal relationships, and the relationship of our own psyche with the outside world - how do we perceive the world? Are we happy about it? Is it full of problems and obstacles? Do we get up happy or are we annoyed that we have to go to the same workplace every day? A workplace that turned out to be different than we first imagined... What do we really want from life? And why don´t have it?

Book Blog

The book is full of spiritual messages

Most of us chase something and forget about the ordinary things in life that bring the biggest joy. We let life slip through our fingers and we suddenly realize that it’s already too late. I am really thankful for books such as The Choice that teach us how to change ourselves now, so that we later don’t have to regret anything on our deathbed.

Theresa Newman
Book Blog

A book about what is important and what is not

After reading this book, you get a lot of insight into a lot of things, and then it’s up to you whether you understand them correctly or if you want to understand them at all.

Jean Millar
Book Blog

A book that will make you think about the future

If you like Pablo Coelho, you might like this. The book should be definitely read by all those who are interested in spirituality and who are not indifferent to the future of mankind.

Cathryn Pearce
Student Point

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People said about The Choice

I’ve read a lot of books – from the Power of Now, Silo, The Secret… and Jakub’s book is the perfect combination of them all. I felt what the main character felt - ego, love, sadness or anger; and was always looking forward to the next chapter. By reading this book, I recalled what I have learned in my life and what is really important. The author of the book has a really special style, he puts a lot of emotion into every line.

Marianne Long Marianne Long

I've never read something like that. I began to think differently about the world immediately and I realized that it’s worth living. We should appreciate what we have. Jakub Trpiš is a great writer and I wish him many great books like this.

Ron Howard Morgan Ron Howard Morgan

After reading the last page I had mixture of feelings in my head. Really very well written, inspiring and especially fascinating. THE CHOICE - how many times a day we have to decide if we do this or that. Sometimes we do everything well and yet we feel unhappy. It is important to sustaine and not give up. "The darkest hour is right before dawn, so stay close in it"

Anna-Marie Lawford Anna-Marie Lawford

The Choice teaches you everything you need for a happy and fulfilled life. It is written in a simple way, so everyone will understand it. The author put a piece of himself into this book, so the story resonates in you long after you've read it. We have much more in ourselves than we think.

Richard Noble Richard Noble

There are books that we read with enthusiasm once, twice ... we are returning to them not just as books, but their excerpts, sentences, thoughts or stories are reflected in our head as a movie. We can stop them, move or alter them, associate with them our own life, experience, let them live in another new dimension. In my opinion, this what makes a unique book. As if the book had already surpassed itself and came to life. Such is the book of Jakub Trpiš

Helen Strickland Helen Strickland

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Translated by Melvyn Clarke

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